Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets
Accru’s fact sheets address common client queries. Download the pdfs below or contact us if you would like assistance with any of these issues.

Superannuation & Wealth

Basic Pension Rules

Covers preservation age, minimum and maximum pension withdrawals, and PAYG and tax rules – as at July 2023.

Superannuation Contributions

Covers caps, rules, offsets and government super contributions – as at July 2023.

Asset Test and Aged Pensions

Covers preservation age, minimum and maximum pension withdrawals, and PAYG and tax rules – as at July 2023.


A guide to SuperStream, which is a government reform designed to improve the efficiency for money and data flows around the superannuation system – as at July 2023.

SMSF Investment Collectibles

All self-managed super fund (SMSF) investments in collectables and personal use assets must comply with the rules in the regulations – as at July 2023.

Government Grants & Assistance

First Home Buyers

This fact sheet provides a quick reference to entitlements you may be eligible for – as at July 2023.

Tax & International Business

Taxation of Employment Payments

Covers the taxation of Australian employment payments including termination payments, preservation age, death benefits – as at June 2021.

Social security insurances for expat employees

This fact sheet provides a summary of the types of insurance and their tax status for expatriates working in Australia – as at July 2023.

Buying Property in Australia

Guide to the tax impacts for non-resident foreign investors who are buying property in Australia – as at July 2020.

Starting a business in Australia

What are the minimum requirements to start a business in Australia for business registration, tax, accounting & audit – as at July 2023.

Home Office Deductions

Many of us now do some work from home, even if we have a full-time job elsewhere. The good news is tax deductions are available for this – as at July 2023.

Capital Gains Tax when selling your business: How to ensure maximum net worth

Advice and key considerations for effective planning upon sale of your business – as at July 2023.


An overview of Federal grants for businesses – as at July 2023.

Expanding Access to SBE Tax Concessions

An overview of tax concessions applicable to small businesses in Australia – as at July 2023.

Risk & Assurance

How Data Analytics Works

This fact sheet details the importance of data analytics software and ways it can be incorporated into the financial statement audit process, payroll data and credit card expenditure, among other ways – as at July 2023.